South Park Bridge | Seattle WA

South Park Bridge

Bridge Structural Monitoring 
Technologies: Robotic Total Station

Spatial performance and structural assessment of the health and operation of the bascule drawbridge during opening and closure was performed for King County, Washington over an extended evaluation period. Spatial orientation of the bridge leafs and their subsequent loads on the caisson supported bridge piers were correlated by means of strain gauges. A permanent bridge closure was determined to be warranted, and enforced until a suitable replacement structure could be designed and constructed.

Highway 520 Bridge | Seattle WA


Bridge Structural Monitoring 
Technologies: Robotic Total Station

During the construction of a replacement bridge directly adjacent to an existing structure, there is significant risk of damage related to high impact construction activities and resulting ground movement. Continuous monitoring of structural displacement can be very expensive when using manual survey methods, but when automated with robotic total stations structural displacement can be accurately tracked, quickly identified, and notifications distributed for prompt action to mitigate damage to structures or the traveling public.

Questa Mine | Questa NM


Slope Stability Monitoring 
Technologies: GNSS

Block cave mining can create massive subsidence, as ore drawdown progresses. At Questa, it was determined that the resulting surface steepening that would occur on nearby slopes would create the potential for a slope failure that could overtop the mine’s secondary access shaft. For risk mitigation, and to receive a license to operate from the state of New Mexico, a low-cost automated GNSS monitoring system was installed to precisely track subsidence and slope stability in near real-time.

Camanche & Pardee Dams  | Ione CA


Dam Structural Monitoring 
Technologies: GNSS

Consulting for GNSS sensor network design and processing strategy for Pardee dam and the nearby Camanche dam and dikes. The system consists of four (4) Leica GM10 reference stations and thirty-one (31) Leica GMX901plus sensors located on the dam and dike structures. All sensors were tied to the California State Plane coordinate system using the NGS reference network. All sensor data is streamed to the sensemetrics data management system for analytics and reporting.

432 Park Avenue | New York NY


Corewall Highrise Construction
Technologies: GNSS / Robotic Total Station

Towering over New York City’s Midtown, 432 Park Avenue was a monumental construction challenge – precisely positioning the corewall system with each lift and concrete pour to the structures final height of 1,396 feet. Using Leica GNSS, and sensemetrics cloud connected THREAD devices, automated Leica sensors and streaming real-time positions and analytics were streamed to field crews on their mobile devices via the sensemetrics software platform – providing a highly optimized survey workflow.